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Unlock the power of SEO for your business with us. Manage your SEO, create engaging content, and track your website performance with ease.

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Enhance your content creation journey using the power of AI and dazzle your audience with breathtaking content that performs.

Your SEO workspace

Streamline your SEO efforts with tools that help improve your online presence and keywords that perform.

Your Website manager

Track your website to discover insights about your users, give them the best experience by running technical audits.

Content Creation

Within a matter of clicks, create content using our AI Templates covering use cases that are important for your business

Save time, efforts and money

Powered by GPT 4, enables you to contextualize your responses, and use them according to you

SEO Workspace

Manage your SEO like a pro by creating SEO optimized content, keyword research and your own personalized SEO assistant. Low cost, one stop SEO platform.

Low cost, one stop SEO platform

Trained for SEO, our personalized SEO assistant removes all the barriers between you and your organic growth

Website Manager

Never let technical aspects of your website hinder your user experience and organic growth.Track what’s working for your audience.

Website manager on an app, save time and hassle

Make technical audits and derive key insights about your users by just connecting your Search console with our app.

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Small businesses and enterprise

You can focus on growing your business and we will take over your SEO. Lack of technical expertise should not hinder your visibility. We are your cost-effective SEO buddy to lead you to organic growth.

Bloggers and content creators

Supercharge your content with our AI templates Content wizard, create blogs that perform. Brainstorm content ideas and never run out of topics to write. Analyze content score and improve your visibility.

SEO professionals and enthusiasts

All SEO activities under one roof. Conduct keyword research with the cheapest price in the market. Compare data, get similar keywords and let our SEO assistant drive your goals.

SEO Strategy

Your SEO Solution

Boost your online presence and drive organic traffic with our expert SEO strategies tailored for your business needs.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Discover the most effective keywords to drive targeted traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings.

On-Page Optimization

Enhance your website's content and structure to make it more appealing to search engines and improve your online visibility.

Let us boostyour online presence

Improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website with our tailored SEO solutions.

SEO analysisKeyword research
SEO results

This app is a game changer for anyone who is new to the complex world of SEO. Works using AI technology and does more than just SEO

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100+ AI templates
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500,000 credits/month
Unlimited content creation
Unlimited website audits
Content Wizard
Website analytics
1 SEO consultation calls/mo
Unlimited keyword research
Multiple folder content management
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Get advanced features to boost your SEO efforts.

/ year
1,000,000 credits/month
Unlimited content creation
Unlimited website audits
Content Wizard
Website analytics
2 SEO consultation calls/mo
Unlimited keyword research
Multiple folder content management
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